DefHold is a non-inflationary DeFi ecosystem aiming to provide yield generating investments’ strategies and products to crypto-traders

DefHold token (DEFO) allows you to stake in our EWF pools
and benefit of discounts as well as premium features of DefHold ecosystem's products.

Total Supply: 12,000 DEFO
Not mintable: there will never be more than 12,000 DEFO.
Ownership of the DefHold contract has been renounced

Smart Contract Audit by :
Audit Report

Where to buy?


Global staking platform based on an EWF mechanism and accessible to every ERC-20 tokens

Increased DEFO buying pressure as every ERC-20 tokens’ pool will automatically market-buy DEFO for the amount corresponding to the EWF

Stakers can stake their beloved tokens and still fully enjoy any price upside as they will not have to sell them to partake into the EWF pools

Every product of the DefHold ecosystem will apply an entrance fee which will increase the DEFO buying pressure and offer additional revenues to stakers/farmers

Profits generated by users of DefHold products will be partially (5%) used to buy back DEFO and distribute them to stakers/farmers

Non-inflationary tokenomics as rewards will never emanate from tokens’ minting, but from the several use cases of the different products