DefHold is a non-inflationary DeFi ecosystem that provides yield generating investment strategies to long-term crypto investors.

The most common way for investors to secure their asset value during times of market volatility is to convert their assets to stablecoins. They can then stake or farm their stablecoins using various DeFi products to generate yield on their underlying assets.

There is currently no incentive to hold cryptocurrencies during downward market cycles – but at DefHold, we want to change that.

We thus reward holders with accurate portfolio / liquidity management. We do this by implementing new autonomous yield generating solutions.


The native token of the DefHold ecosystem, called DEFO, will enable holders to stake or farm their assets into pools with different pre-defined lock-up periods. However, all these pools will offer the ability to stakers and farmers to withdraw their assets at any time by applying an early withdrawal fee (“EWF”) if the assets are withdrawn before the term of the lock-up period.

These EWF will form the first revenues’ stream for stakers and farmers who have accurately managed their portfolio and own liquidity’s requirements. Indeed, an investor managing properly his cashflow forecasts and portfolio allocation will be able to stay within the selected pool until the end of the lock-up period thus avoiding him to pay any EWF. Moreover, it will allow them earning the EWF from people who withdraw their funds due to liquidity requirement or due to market moves’ fears (the latter being mostly known as “weak hands”).

Unlike most of other DeFi protocols existing nowadays, this mechanism will continuously generate yields to stakers and farmers in a non-inflationary way. Indeed, no additional DEFO token will ever be minted thus distinguishing it from other inflationary tokens which have to continuously mint new tokens to enhance their APY (by the way reducing the market price of their tokens due the demand-supply principle).


This product offers its users an exciting opportunity to invest in projects like Whales. Indeed, it combines the power of the decentralization achievable on the blockchain with a traditional financial tool called SPAC (Special Purpose Acquisition Company).

Initially, the Whale Club will offer 3 vaults as follows:
1. Small cap vault:

  • * Minimum investment: USD 1,000
  • * Minimum uniswap liquidity of the underlying project: USD 100,000

2. Mid cap vault:

  • * Minimum investment: USD 6,000
  • * Minimum uniswap liquidity of the underlying project: USD 500,000

3. Large cap:

  • * Minimum investment: USD 15,000
  • * Minimum uniswap liquidity of the underlying project: USD 1,000,000

To invest into one of the vaults, users will be required to:

  • * Pay their investment amount in USDT (these funds will used to buy the underlying assets)
  • * Pay an entrance fee in DEFO amounting to 5% of their investment
  • * The vault will accept contributions during 48 hours

Upon completion of the contribution period, investors will receive secondary tokens representing their share of the vault, similar to LP tokens received by contributing to a liquidity pool.
As soon as investors have received their secondary tokens, they will be granted access to the private area associated with each vault. Within this private area, each investor will be allowed, for a period of 72 hours, to propose projects in which they want the vault’s assets to be invested.
Once the proposal period has ended, a voting period will begin and last 24 hours. During this period, each investor will be able to vote for his preferred project, with more or less weight depending on his initial investment. Thereafter, the project with the most votes will be the one in which the vault funds will be invested.

Upon selection of the investment, the total funds of the vault will be split into three buy vote poll as follows:

  • * Each buy vote poll will correspond to 1/3 of the total amount invested into the vault;
  • * Once a buy vote poll reaches 50% of the voting rights, it will proceed the buy-transaction by market buying the underlying asset;
  • * Whether after 30 days, a buy vote poll did not get 50% of the voting rights, the funds will be refunded to the investors;
  • * Once a buy-transaction is approved, the buy vote poll will be replaced by a sell vote poll;
  • * The number of tokens bought through the 1st buy-transaction will be the ones sold in the 1st sell-transaction ;
  • * Once a sell vote poll reaches 50% of the voting rights, it will sell the corresponding amount of tokens of the underlying assets;
  • * Once a sell-transaction is proceeded, 5% of the profits will be used to market buyback DEFO and distribute them to stakers/farmers (95%) and to the developer fund (5%);
  • * After each sell-transaction, the remaining 95% of profit + the initial investment will be sent back to the investor.


In addition to the projects proposed by the Whale Club’s investors, companies willing to potentially get an investment from our Whale Club can apply below to get reviewed by our partner Block Insight.

Such reviews will enable, DefHold’s team to propose your project as an additional investment opportunity and will enable our investors to make well-informed, safer and more efficient investment decisions.

As these reviews and evaluations will be performed by the Block Insight in-house staff and reputable external advisors, the following fees will be required to cover these costs:

  • * Small cap projects: USD 1,000
  • * Mid cap projects: USD 2,000
  • * Large cap projects: USD 5,000


Initially, DefHold will only enable users to stake DEFO tokens or farm DEFO/ETH & DEFO/USDT LP tokens.
The following staking and farming pools will be available:


Pool Lock-Up Period EWF
1st Pool 10 Days 1% of staked DEFO
2nd Pool 30 Days 3.5% of staked DEFO
3rd Pool 60 Days 8.2% of staked DEFO
4th Pool 90 Days 14.3% of staked DEFO
5th Pool 180 Days 33.3% of staked DEFO


Pool Lock-Up Period EWF
1st Pool 10 Days 2% of farmed LP tokens
2nd Pool 30 Days 7% of farmed LP tokens
3rd Pool 60 Days 16.3% of farmed LP tokens
4th Pool 90 Days 28.6% of farmed LP tokens
5th Pool 180 Days 66.6% of farmed LP tokens

All the above pools will be available at any time (i.e. there will be no commencement date). Each investor can join the desired pool whenever he wants. The end of his lock-up period will be calculated automatically by the Smart Contract.
Moreover, each time a pool reaches the lock-up period of a faster pool, investors’ funds will be automatically transferred into the faster pool (in this case the EWF and rewards will automatically change to match those of the pool in which the tokens are transferred).

  • * For example, an investor stakes DEFO in the 4th pool on 01.01.2021 with EWF amounting to 14.3%.
  • * On 01.02.2021, the tokens will be automatically transferred into the 3rd pool and EWF will amount to 8.2%.
  • * On 01.03.2021, tokens will be automatically transferred into the 2nd pool and EWF will amount to 3.5%.
  • * Finally, on 21.03.2021, tokens will be automatically transferred into the 1st pool and EWF will amount to 1%.

In the future, additional tokens’ pools will be added based on community proposals once the governance will be implemented. Moreover, to increase buying pressure on DEFO and generate continuous yields to the DEFO holders, every additional tokens’ pool will require to stake the amount corresponding to the EWF in DEFO. This mechanism will enable new investors to benefit of the hedge offered by the DefHold ecosystem without having to sell their tokens. In the meantime, it will also offer to DEFO holders a continuous price increase of their tokens thanks to the requirement of owning DEFO tokens to access DefHold features.


  • * 75% of ETH raised have been automatically transferred into Uniswap liquidity pool together with 19.50% of the DEFO tokens.
  • * Uniswap liquidity has been permanently locked by LID smart contracts.
  • * Marketing 2, Team, Airdrop and LID tokens are time-locked and will be released at a monthly 10% rate over 10 months by LID smart contracts.


Liquidity has always been a major concern when it comes to trading, especially since DEX appeared. In order, to maintain liquidity levels as high as possible, DefHold has opted for the following solutions:

* Presale hosted by Liquidity Dividends Protocol (LID). 75% of the raised ETH have been allocated to Uniswap liquidity and definitively locked by their smart contracts. This process will enable us to protect our investors against any exit scam concern they might have.

* EWF revenues are distributed more importantly to farmers to increase their revenues and incentivize them providing liquidity to the DefHold ecosystem.


In order to continuously maintain the buying pressure, thus encouraging and incentivizing holders to join and stay within the DefHold ecosystem, the following features have been implemented:

* Staking and farming EWF aim to increase and maintain the TVL thus decreasing the DEFO circulating supply;

* Non-inflationary staking and farming revenues’ streams guarantee to the DEFO holders that the market price of the tokens will not be affected by an infinite increasing supply;

* Total supply of DEFO will be capped at 12’000 tokens and no further DEFO minting will ever be possible;

* Future tokens’ pools will require to hold the amount corresponding to the EWF in DEFO thus continuously increasing the demand of DEFO tokens;


Following the launch of the main DEFO pools, a fully decentralized governance platform will be added to the DefHold ecosystem. Thanks this governance platform, users will be able to vote for the launch of new pools (new tokens, different lock-up periods, etc.) or vote for many proposals related to future developments within the DefHold ecosystem.


As seen in


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The Disclaimers are prepared by DefHold (hereinafter the "Company" or “we”). The Company undertakes a sale (hereinafter the "Sale") of the DefHold token or DEFO (hereinafter the "Token"). You shall be aware of risks arising from acquiring Token regarding the cryptographic nature of tokens, cryptocurrency, the uncertainty of its legal regulation, and blockchain-based software and services. You may acquire Token only if you possess professional knowledge and you have assessed all potential risks. Any acquisition of Token in terms of the Sale should only be undertaken by individuals and representatives of legal entities who have significant knowledge, experience, and the understanding of cryptocurrencies, cryptographic tokens and blockchain-based software and services. The Company may issue guidelines for usage and other aspects of Token at any time of the Sale. You are responsible for the understanding of how cryptocurrencies, cryptographic tokens, and blockchain-based software and services work. You shall understand potential risks arising from the Sale. The Company will provide support to the acquirers at any time of the Sale. Nevertheless, the Company shall not be responsible for any liability, accident, harm, loss, delay, inconvenience or damage, including but not limited to, personal injury, property damages, or death, and cost or expense, all reasonable, caused to the acquirer due to the actions or inactivity of the Company or its managers, directors, employee or other personnel. Disclaimer of general and associated risks. The acquisition of Token may have risks. Before acquiring Token we highly recommend you to carefully assess all potential risks and be advised by an independent professional or expert on the Sale. If you do not understand any aspect of the Sale, cryptocurrencies, cryptographic tokens, and blockchain-based software and services, you shall not acquire Token and do not participate in the Sale. By acquiring Token and participating in the Sale, you agree to not hold the Company or its affiliates, representations, agencies, managers, directors, employees, entities, owners, founders liable for any loss or damages, whether incidental or consequential, arising from, or connected to the Company, the Sale, or Token. By acquiring Token or participating in the Sale, you expressly acknowledge that you have fully understood all the potential risks, uncertainty, costs, benefits of the Sale, and Token. When acquiring Token and participating in the Sale you shall consider and accept the following: - The Sale shall not be treated as an offer for investment and the Sale does not constitute a proposal of securities in any country or state unless otherwise decided by a regulator. - Neither Token nor Company's assets shall be considered fiat money. - The cryptocurrency and Sale may have regulatory burden and control. The Company may be a subject of regulatory inquiries and actions of governments, which may lead to difficulties and postpones of the Sale. - All acquisitions of Token shall be final and non-refundable unless the Company states or provides otherwise. By acquiring Token you agree that the Company shall not give refunds for any reason and you shall not receive any refund for any Token even if Token is unusable, lost, or unavailable. - You as an acquirer shall take appropriate technical and security steps to protect and maintain your blockchain wallet's security or similar means for possessing Token. The same level of protection and maintenance shall be provided by you to your private details and account details, without which you cannot access your accounts/wallets or similar means for possessing Token. By acquiring Token you agree that the Company shall not be required to give you a refund, account reset or other access to Token and the Company shall not be liable to you for any damage or loss in the context of your inability to access Token. The Company disclaims any responsibility for any consequential or direct damage or loss of any kind arising from: (a) reliance on information published in this document, Company's website, third-parties websites, and any applications, (b) any error, omission or inaccuracy of such information or (c) any action or omission arising therefrom. You shall bear in mind that Token is not an investment. We do not guarantee or predict that the Token will increase or decrease in value. You acknowledge that Token may increase or decrease in value from time to time. There is a list of risks that may occur. Please read and understand it. This list is not exhaustive and may be added by the Company at any time. You also shall take into account the Company's public announcements with regard to the Sale.

1) Risks of Legal Uncertainty Blockchain, cryptocurrency, and cryptoassets have been subject to the regulatory burden in different countries. Some decisions of the countries may cause the malfunctioning of the Company or Token, including but not limited to, prohibitions and limits on the ownership or use of crypto tokens like Token.

2) Risk of Losing Access to Token Due to Loss of Credentials Your Token may be associated with your account until Token is distributed to you. Your account can only be accessed with login credentials opted by you. The loss of such credentials may result in the loss of Token. It is recommended to store these credentials in a safe place, preferably, with an opportunity to back-up such credentials.

3) Risks Related to Your Credentials Any third party that gains access to your login credentials or private keys may dispose of your Token. To avoid such risks, you shall take appropriate security and technical measures.

4) Risk that the Company Will Change Its Plans and Strategy. The Company undertakes the Sale which depends on many factors and third-party decisions. Your expectancy with regard to the Token or the Company may differ from the reality for a number of reasons including, but not limited to, the Company's views with regard to the performance of its strategy or plans.

5) Risk of Insufficient Interest in the Company or its projects There is a probability that the Company will not be interested by a number of individuals and legal entities. Such a lack of interest could cause the Company, value of Token or other projects of the Company.

6) Risk of Malfunction in the Company There is a risk of the Company's malfunction causing the loss or decrease of Token.

7) Risk of an Illiquid Market for Token At the time of publication of this document, Token may not be traded on exchanges. Upon being present on an exchange Token may cause fraud, experience security failures, or other similar issues. These events may cause a reduction in the value or liquidity of Token.

8) Risk of Dissolution of the Token There is a risk of unfavourable decreases of the value of Token. This may result in the impossibility to undertake Company's business and may dissolve Token or to fail to launch Token.

9) Risk of Cryptography Development of cryptography or other technical means may cause risks to cryptocurrencies, the Company's services, and Token.

10) Risk of Security No company in the world can guarantee 100% security of their platforms and services. There may be lacks or mistakes intentionally or unintentionally left which may cause insecurity of the Token.

11) Risk of Theft and Hacking Thieves, hackers, other groups, or criminal organizations may interfere with the Company or Token in various ways, including, but not limited to, DOS or DDoS attacks, man-in-the-middle attack, smurfing, spoofing, malware attacks, or other attacks which may cause the interference to the Company's activity, Sale, or Token.

12) Other Unexpected Risks Cryptocurrency and tokens are a fresh and new technology. Countries may impose regulatory and legal burdens, and other changes in the cryptocurrency and tokens may happen. We naturally cannot predict them. That is why the Company cannot foresee them.

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